[Regarding the supposed failure of the parabolic antenna on the ship, which HAL himself falsified]
"It can only be attributed to human error." (HAL 9000, 2001 A Space Odyssey)

I can«t hear anything or the sound is ugly

  • You have to configure AHI before you can use AmiAMP, please read the AHI documentation carefully!
  • If you get a Displaybeep, then AmiAMP was unable to allocate your Audiohardware. Make sure that no other program is using your prefered AudioMode or alter the "Channels" of your selected AudioMode in the AHI-Preferences.
  • AmiAMP doesn«t start or stops with a guru

  • Re-read the requirements! You need all that is listed there, except the bmp.datatype if you don«t want to use WinAMP skins. Normally you should be pointed to the error by AmiAMP, if anything is missing.
  • Can I use AmigaAMP skins?

  • Yes, of course. Actually all this so-called "AmigaAMP skins" are WinAMP skins, with the exception that these skins were created by Amiga people ;)
  • When I drop a file on the AmiAMP GUI all old mp3z are gone!

  • Dropping a folder or file on the GUI means loading a new playlist. If you want to add new files to the playlist you have to drop the file/folder on the playlistwindow!
  • Can you tell me the arexx commands?

  • Here are all arexx-commands!