BETA AmiAMP version 1.1598 {07.05.99} Development was stopped! Site update {16.07.99} 22:15 MESZ BETA

These are the voyages of the programmer GELB who is on his 5 year mission to explore new dimensions, seek out new experiences and boldly go where no one has gone before!

What happened?

  • Gelb (the coder) said: I'll continue coding only if someone gives me a big bunch of money! ;)
  • What is it?

  • A freeware mpeg-audio player GUI with many features, completely remote controlable!
  • Features (as of BETA Version) BETA
  • Plays mpeg 1 Layer I, II and III + mpeg 2 Layer x
  • PPC support (PowerUP)
  • Comfortable playlist
  • Powerfull mp3 tag-editor (supports ID3 v1.1)
  • Big bunch of arexx commands
  • Slider for fast positioning
  • Drag`n`drop
  • Built-in WinAMP skin support
  • Repeat all/one title -option
  • Fade-out on stop -option
  • Fade-in/out on begin/end of file -option
  • Slide-in/out on pause -option
  • Play upon opening of AmiAmp -option
  • Random skin -option
  • AHI compatible
     Amiga, Inc.
  • 68020+, PowerPC
  • MUI V3.8+
  • AHI audio system
  • mpega.library
  • asyncio.library
  • reqtools.library
  • bmp.datatype (for WinAMP-skins)
  • nlist.mcc
  • light my fire
    WinAMP support


  • digideck 0.82-like skin support (means flexibel GUI layout!)
  • Spectrum analyzer

  • "I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that" (HAL 9000, 2001 A Space Odyssey)
  • Song specific actions (like changing skin with song ;))

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