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Formerly answered keen kwestions

o Graphics won't be updated during gameplay

  • If you're using AGA or ECS and the graphics won't be updated during the game you probably have a cybergraphics.library installed in libs:. In this case (if you're using an AGA or ESC screenmode and have the lib installed) you should run dynAMIte with NOCGX option to force the game to use WriteChunkyPixels() (OS3.1) or WritePixelLine8() (OS3.0) instead of the CyberGraphX WritePixelArray() function.
  • o Slow graphics even on a 060 using AGA/ECS

  • If you're using AGA or ECS you really need to install a WriteChunkyPixels() (OS3.1) or WritePixelLine8() (OS3.0) patch like BlazeWCP (Aminet) which speeds up the graphicsoutput by a factor of 10 to 20.
  • o System crashes by click on the BATTLE-Button

  • If you're using CGX, make sure you have switched off the FORCECHUNKY - Tooltype in the CyberGraphX-Commodity. If it is turned on, it may cause a crash!
  • o GlobalServerList can't be received/Server can't be added to GSL

  • If you get constantly errors when trying to receive the GlobalServerList from dynAMIte or when enabling the List Server checkbox in DServer, this could be because your ISP requires you to use a proxyserver for HTTP connections. In order to get dynAMIte and the DServer working with proxyhosts to update and/or receive the GSL you need to set the PROXY and PROXYPORT tooltype or shell-argument. Please have a look at the corresponding section in the guide.
  • o No audio despite AHI is set up correctly

  • dynAMIte uses the library mode of AHI which prevents other programs from using AHI for audio output. IF you already have a program running using AHI, quit it and you will be able to hear sound in dynAMIte. If you are using a DMA audiomode, please make sure to use the latest version of AHI. AHI V5.16 has broken dma audio.
  • o A4000D is recognized as A4000T if X-Surf ethernet card is installed

  • Although this is not entirely releated to dynAMIte, here is a hint how to get your "faked" A4kT recognized as A4kD again. Simply remove XSurfIDE from your sys:expansion/ drawer and you will have back your A4kD. Probably it is because XSurfIDE adds a 2ndscsi.device to your system and so confuses identify.library.

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