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Description of the gfx in the playfield

steals one bomb from the other players makes all bombs go BOOM
you get one more bomb all bombs are changed to blocks
enemies can't drop bombs adds a block to the playfield at a random position
gives you maximum bombs swaps horizontal controls
steals firepower from the other players swaps vertical controls
expands your firepower speeds you up for some seconds
gives you maximum firepower slows all players down for a few seconds except you
the enemies fuse length is decreased all enemies are frozen for some seconds
the enemies fuse length is increased forces every player to drop a bomb
teleports you to a random position you move a bomb while you can't move
random bonus (optional server setting) kick one bomb in the direction you look!
play Darth Vader for some seconds bombs and lightsaber can't harm you now
you lose all extras and more all dead players are reactivated
pulls all players to a random selected border for some seconds other players can't see you
forces hurry up. only appears if all destroyable blocks are gone duell
increase the burntime for the next few seconds player who picks it up first will win
teleports other players to a random position jumps to another map
restarts current map all players will swap their positions

and gfx above playfield:

player lives
player is dead
player froze
number of bombs
bombs not available

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