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The Totally Non Comprehensive Map Guide by AxE

1. Try to make it possible to destroy all normal blocks i.e don't enclose blocks with solid walls as this will make the map unable to generate a "hurry up" power-up. This is not so much a problem with lots of power-ups already in a map but is on bare levels especially when players only have a short flame and cant kill others until more pick-ups are collected.

2. Try to resist the temptation to bunch hundreds of the same power-up together as besides not looking very well thought out creates imbalance in sections of the map. Try to alternate pick-ups to give that added touch of class or overlay more useful power-ups over a bed of less useful ones (eg "OS 4.0 GUI" by Linchpin)

3. Try to incorporate obstacles and challenges in your map. Think about how the map you are working on will be played, will it just involve banging away at the blocks until a useful power-up is found or provide some entertaining puzzles, or ingenious traps.

4. MAKE SURE that people can survive past the first few seconds, as nobody likes instant death. This can be easily overlooked as the length of initial bomb flame could be miscalculated or fuse length could be too short. If your start position requires a little time to figure out increase the fuse length to make people feel they at least had a chance (eg "imprisoned" & "survive" by iti).

5. Test your map before you upload it. This is always a good idea to iron out any quirks that are present i.e adding teleports to enclosed solid block areas to enable people to get out, or finding that if you start the map with a laser you end up all dying.

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