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The Totally Non Comprehensive Map Guide by AxE
OCCUPATION: Graphic Designer (currently unemployed)
FAVOURITE MAPS: "War Zone" by AxE, "Forward!" by AxE, the Leki killer "joust" by AxE and "OS 4.0 GUI" by Linchpin
NUMBER OF MAPS ON QualityMaps.uk 250/250

With very impressive amount of maps created no one can deny that AxE has made a large contribution to the dynAMIte legacy. Most maps feature quite a number of power-ups in strategic positions and many feature objects and symbols, for example: Snoopy, a Castle a quake symbol and a foxy lady. He will also design a map for anyone making it to the global top 20 ;o)

Generally all maps are very playable and entertaining featuring mazes, obstacles and a variety of small puzzles although some maps are not quite polished enough and some rough diamonds can be found in the range 200-250. Recently left the dynAMIte scene for a week because of increased lag and Leki's 1st map! came back and set up QualityMaps.uk, a server based in the UK and dedicated to providing the best maps available.


Please e-mail mark.ricketts@ukonline.co.uk with corrections or information

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