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The Totally Non Comprehensive Map Guide by AxE

OCCCCUPATION: programmer and technical consultant
NUMBER OF MAPS ON QualityMaps.uk = 8/15

Makes the hardest maps known to man, not for beginners! A good tip is that if you see some initial bombs drop a bomb or you will die! "PikkuKartta" is small very intense map that is hard to escape from alive! (hmm i seem to lost the full stop key and replaced it with too many !'s ;). "Survive" is a very hard map that is inventive and original, "Imprisoned" uses the same idea to good effect, "Stupid One" is a frantic race to get behind the blast shield before death arrives, "<-- RUN LIKE HELL ;^)" is another run map with a twist, other maps involve flag running, laser fights and inmate frying in "Prison" plus one huge map filled with plain blocks.


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