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Old News

31.03.2003 Sorry to the polish players out there... we forgot (again) to add your guide and catalogs to the archives! They are now included and also available as separate downloads.

30.03.2003 We took some time to prepare this excellent update with even more bugfixes. Come and join the most peaceful place on earth right now, a dynAMIte server! Don't forget to read our press release in the forum!

"We can bomb the World to pieces but we can't bomb it into peace!" - Spearhead

01.11.2002 Yes, we were working overtime on Halloween! More bugfixes (highscore bug fixed!) are the result... Prove your addiction get dynAMIte 2.2a now!

27.10.2002 Here it is, the latest update to dynAMIte with many bugfixes and improvements! Get addicted now! Don't forget to read our official press release in the forum!

23.09.2002 In a sudden move we decided to update DServer. Unexpected bugfixes included.

01.09.2002 Team up! dynAMIte 2.1 comes with teammode! The teammode allows you to experience dynAMIte as a new game again! Join now for this new excitement... Don't forget to checkout the changes.txt. Our official press release can be read in the forum! Attention: the old styles don't work with 2.1, please download the latest version of your favourite style if available.

28.07.2002 AIO rated dynAMIte 93% for playability :)

20.05.2002 The dynAMIte collector's edition CD got a review on GFXBASE read it here.

dynAMIte special collector's edition14.05.2002 The long-awaited dynAMIte special collector's edition CD has been finished and is now ready for shipment!

Exclusive to this Collector's Edition are new styles, a 3D-Intro-FMV-Sequence, a detailed HTML-documentation and more.

Order your copy today!/Jetzt deine Kopie bestellen!

30.04.2002 The latest achievement in pyrotechnics: dynAMIte 2.0 is now available for free download! All the changes in one file for easy reading and here is our full press-release.

05.04.2002 The highly acclaimed Cannon Fodder based style CFodder by Mark '"AxE" Ricketts finally is ready! If you liked playing Cannon Fodder you'll like this style! We also got permission to add 2 'older' styles made by Cj-Stroker Alienoid and PacMan to the styl'o'rama. Thx!

20.01.2002 We are proud to present again a new style: Enlightenment, a Druid II inspired gfx-set for dynAMIte made by Jupp3. Well done! Also available updated polish catalogs!

07.01.2002 Antonio Giorgio Urru created a new style for dynAMIte: Disneyland and updated the italian catalogs for 1.9. Great work Disney! The style waits in the styl'o'rama and you will find the catalog here.

05.01.2002 Alexi Tzitzas updated Thomas Aglassingers obvious style for 1.9, thank you! Move over to the styl'o'rama to get it.

03.01.2002 Oliver Tacke updated his SouthPark style. Thank you! You'll get it in the styl'o'rama.

31.12.2001 The final release of dynAMIte - this year. Download v1.9! New in this version besides many bugfixes are computer players (finally)! Find out all the rest in changes.txt. Our official press release can be read in the forum!

Added 2 new languages to the download page: italian and serbian

Further DYNAMITE development (da best bomberman game) needs more active betatesters. If you are willing to log in at #amigazeux (ircserver: irc.amigazeux.de) at least twice per week, and are willing to run Enforcer, Muforce or Muforce&Muguardian, plus discussing ideas and features, you are welcome. Apply at #amigazeux, or contact the coder via email: dynamite@amisource.de.

older news: The dynAMIte homepage returns with a new layout, also updated: CUNNtrast style (formerly known as contrast), SouthPark style, polish catalogs and guide (updated) and NEW: The Totally Non Comprehensive Map Guide by AxE!

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